I love the tradition, history, costumes, decorations, rituals, it's all very feminine, we love beauty, decorating everything, giving the whole some kind of form; but on the other hand, it is a duty, lack of freedom, something that forces us to behave as it should, to hide emotions, chase an ideal.

Now the time seems to have changed, we are free to do whatever we want to do, but this is only an illusion, everything is exactly the same as before, we strive to be perfect, we make plastic surgery, we create an ideal image in social networks, we do our best to show that everything is wonderful for us, again and again we hide our true feelings.

But my paintings show these feelings, and it is very important for me to say: at any time, in any era, we, the women, are the same; we are chained by tradition, dressy clothes, norms, but it is impossible to escape from the emotions and they still will show up in our eyes.

DIMENSIONS                   120 X140 CM                              MEDIUM                                         Oil on canvas                                                  YEAR                                                2016

For inquiries please email: infokrisgeheim@gmail.com  

women fashion painting