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     I got seriously ill two years ago. So I started to wonder: what

 die now, what have I done in my life? After all, I didn’t do what I always wanted, I didn’t give myself to painting. I was afraid not to die, but that I would leave without doing so. I promised myself: if I recover, I will dedicate everything to painting.



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The stylistics of the portraits she painted became well recognizable. “With these portraits, I convey history and philosophy, personal experiences. Representatives of the fairer sex respect modern and historical aspects, norms, canons of religion. On the one hand, very beautiful: a woman must be feminine, elegant, but, on the other hand, they are limited by so many rules of all kinds that there are no more real feelings, emotions. After all, we are all equally happy, sad, weeping. As a result, I emphasize emotions and eyes very much in my paintings. No matter how many pearls we stack, no matter what hairstyle we make, the feelings are still reflected in our eyes, ”said Kristina.


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The artist says she is not equal to anything, she does not copy anything. “And they start copying me, I don’t like it very much. On the other hand, in part it is a compliment, ”said the artist


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