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Special edition " Franceska "
Certified Art Giclee on canvas
Editinion of 60
Sizes 60 x80 cm and 120 x100 cm
Signed by artist and with certificate of authenticity

"Franceska " Certified Art Giclee on canvas

€1,200.00 Regular Price
€840.00Sale Price
  • The Certified Art Giclée™ quality hallmark is the European standard for original, limited Giclée art editions. With his hallmark a distinction has been created between original, high quality and valuable Giclées of museum-grade quality and the inkjet prints of often disappointing quality that regrettably are also sold as Giclées. The Certified Art Giclée™ logo guarantees consumers, artist, galleries and museums the highest quality and lastingness. The Giclées in question and are also provided with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Certified Art Giclée™ logo also acts as a guarantee that there will never be more prints created from an artwork than agreed upon with the artist. If the edition size of an edition is 25 than there will never be made more than 25 with Certified Art Giclée.

    The lastingness of a Certified Art Giclée™ is between 50 and 300 years and sometimes even longer*.

    The Certified Art Giclée is always made using water-resistant archival pigment inks on acid free materials. These materials receive an invisible coating that creates a chemical reaction between the inks and the canvas. The minimum resolution is 1440 dpi which gives the prints a gridless quality and incredible detail.

    The Certified Art Giclée has a visible edition number and signature by the artist. The signature is not printed-on. The Certificate of Authenticity is also numbered and signed and co-signed by the master printer. The Certificate mentions the edition size and any EA’s.

    Certified Art Giclée is very affordable and gives you a solid quality guarantee!

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