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Kris Geheim is a figurative painter. Born in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1981. Birth name Kristina Kazakevičiūtė. Studied painting in Kaunas Art Gymnasium and Vilnius Academy of Arts. Works represented in private collections in France,  Nederland ,Italy, United States and other countries....Kris Geheim currently lives and paints in Rotterdam, the Nederlands.


From the very beginning I perceived life in images, colors, visually.

I remember that each Sunday I intentionally walked to the city centre, where I could sit on the bench and observe the picture which stays with me until now: the Sunday Mass ends, and well-dressed old ladies wearing their the most beautiful dresses, bead necklaces, polished shiny shoes, with hairdo and red lips decorously go out of the church and then in group go to the nearest café to drink coffee.

I do not even remember the sounds, but there, of course, the bells were ringing, shoes were pounding the pavement, old ladies probably were talking to each other. But I did not hear anything because all my senses were busy with soaking this beauty.

Everybody ask me, why do I paint women?

And here a question of tradition arose: on the one hand, it is breathtakingly beautiful, I love the tradition, history, costumes, decorations, rituals, it's all very feminine, we love beauty, decorating everything, giving the whole some kind of form; but on the other hand, it is a duty, lack of freedom, something that forces us to behave as it should, to hide emotions, chase an ideal.

Now the time seems to have changed, we are free to do whatever we want to do, but this is only an illusion, everything is exactly the same as before, we strive to be perfect, we make plastic surgery, we create an ideal image in social networks, we do our best to show that everything is wonderful for us, again and again we hide our true feelings.

But my paintings show these feelings, and it is very important for me to say: at any time, in any era, we, the women, are the same; we are chained by tradition, dressy clothes, norms, but it is impossible to escape from the emotions and they still will show up in our eyes.

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